Buck on the hill

Just 2 days left before we would be back in Swakopmund. We had enjoyed a wonderful holiday seeing more of Namibia than we ever imagined.

Buck on the hillA buck on a hill above Zebra River Lodge

We had travelled from Swakopmund to La Mirage to Klein-Aus-Vista and Luderitz. On our return journey we stopped at the Quiver Tree Farm before our final overnight stop, the Zebra River Lodge. This is another Gondwana listing so we knew that it would be a good place to stay and we weren’t disappointed except for one aspect which I shall mention later. It was set in a very rural setting with large rocky hills all around it. We had quite a climb up to our chalet but were rewarded with stunning views.

Our chalet close up

Our chalet

Rocky hill water tank behind our chalet

The hill behind our chalet. Note the green water tank half way up the hill

When signing in we also opted for a sunset drive into the dunes but before that we decided to take a very welcome swim in the sparkling pool. While there we were treated to the presence of 3 warthogs and a baby buck on the lawn next to the pool. They were completely at home with people around them. The sunset drive was also a true joy. We had a wonderful driver and guide who stopped a number times for us to enjoy and photograph the scenery and the few buck that we saw. Interestingly, although the name of the lodge was Zebra River Lodge, we didn’t see any zebras or a river. There was a dry riverbed.

 Warthogs and a buck

2 warthogs and a small buck graze on the front lawn

 ZRL View from our chalet

View from the front door of our chalet. The small green patch of lawn is where the animals graze

At sunset we stopped at the top of the hill and the guide set up a table and some chairs and served up snacks and drinks. We watched the sun slowly slip below the dunes and then watched a beautiful full moon rise slowly into the darkened sky.

 Layered rocks

Rock formations millions of years old

Caves at base of hillCaves in the rocks

Trevor Vicky with our guide having sundowners

 Sundowners on a hill

We returned to the Lodge in time to change for dinner and it was here that we were to experience our first disappointment at a Gondwana Lodge. Much of the ‘hot’ course was actually cold! Breakfast ‘hot’ items on the menu were also cold. Otherwise the food was excellent.

From the Lodge we got on to the road back to Swakopmund and  once again the engine was overheating. We had already decided to make a stop at Solitaire again for delicious German Apple Crumble and as we drove in and parked on the forecourt of the service station it was immediately apparent that oil was leaking. While we had our tea and eats the service station employees replaced the oil and filled a can for us to have in case required on the journey.

V T having apple crumbleEnjoying Apple Crumble at Solitaire

Fortunately it was not but Lyn drove very cautiously. Instead of continuing to Swakopmund we delivered the vehicle to the garage in Walvis Bay and Tyrone fetched us to continue the final leg of a really wonderful trip.

Track going uphill

The road into the dunes