Time to keep my promise of 2 days ago and tell you of a mishap with the train in Geneva.

Our few days in Geneva had come to an end and we were now on our way to Interlaken, between lakes, for 2 days before heading further north in Switzerland to visit friends. We checked out of the hotel and made our way across the tram lines and into Geneva station once more.

We were now becoming experts in finding our way around railway stations and quickly found Platform 9 which was from where the train to Interlaken was to arrive in about 10 mins. We had hardly set our luggage down when there was an announcement that this train would now be arriving at Platform 4. Everyone on Platform 9 grabbed their luggage and hurried off to Platform 4.

On most platforms in European stations there are indicators of where each carriage of a train will stop so one knows where the 1st & 2nd Class carriages will stop. Now, Trevor believes that if he is entitled to do something, in this instance to travel 1st Class, he will ensure that is what he will be doing. When the train came into the station. for some reason the doors to the 1st Class carriage would not open. As everything in Switzerland works with perfect precision, viz their watches and clocks, these train doors are computer controlled and timed. All other 1st Class passengers hurried to the 2nd Class ones to ensure that they got on the train. I tried my best to get Trevor to do the same but he insisted that ‘they must open the doors.’

I decided to get going down the platform like everyone else and finally he followed me. I jumped on board and he then casually passed the luggage to me but he did not hurry to get on board himself and the doors started to close. Guess who was on board with the luggage, the cell phone and the Pass?! I can only once again say that God must have had a hand in this as, for some really stupid reason I stuck my foot into the opening between the doors and they stuck and then gradually opened. There are still times today when I shudder to think what could have happened to my foot if the doors had continued to close. Without a word Trevor stepped on board, picked up the luggage and started walking to the 1st Class carriage. Some men are really stubborn.

This meant that we continued our journey to Interlaken together and I was really looking forward to visiting this town again as it is so beautiful and easy to move around and we had 2 full days to explore its attractions. I will tell you about that tomorrow but for now, before I go to play cards with friends, I have kept my promise.