At the end of my last article I said that we would now spend time looking at the places we plan to visit and decide on what we want to see out of all the wonderful things which can be seen. I have downloaded information on Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Stockholm so far.

Each town & city has so much to offer it will be difficult to decide but what is also important to confirm is times of day when the various places are open to the public.  We learnt to do research on this aspect after our 2006 visit to Europe and the UK. On the continent places seem to be open both earlier and later than in the UK. In fact, it was most frustrating as it was quite difficult to plan to visit more than 2 places in a day in the UK as it was generally open at 10 and close by 5. I agree, this is not the case with the London Eye but that seemed to be the only place one could go at almost any time of the day and even into the early evening.  Hopefully things have improved 9 years later but I would love to hear other people’s opinions on this.

Anyway, back to the subject of this article – preparing to make decisions on what we hope to do when we get to the different cities, towns and villages we will be stopping in. This does not mean that we will be tied to these places but give us an opportunity to plan and prepare. Having travelled quite a bit now we have a reasonable idea of what we would like to see and do. What is of great help is to get info from others but it is so important to write these down otherwise one will never remember and so miss out. I have also asked on my Face Book page for others who have visited any of the places we will be visiting to give me ideas as well.

How to go about this has been a bit of a challenge as it is the first time that I have been so thorough in this part of the preparation but have decided that it is worth it because of limited time in each place.  I think the best will be to resort to my favourite thing – the spreadsheet. In my next article I will let you know how it is progressing. 

Now that our air tickets have been purchased we have to consider insurance – both medical and for our flights. People think that if they pay be credit card they are automatically insured.  This is true to a certain extent but the reality is that it falls well short of what one would require if you fall ill or have an accident. In addition, there is no luggage or air ticket protection with this. When applying for a visa, proof of adequate insurance must be shown to have been purchased. So this is the next step in our preparation.  It is amazing how quickly the bank with which I have my credit card, phoned me once I had arranged payment. Within 24 hours the call came through. Luckily I was prepared and remembered my past experiences with their particular insurance agent. The company we used last year for our trip to Eastern Europe was very good and we have decided to go with them again.