Meelup Beach and bluff

On our first day in Bunbury we visited some of the towns situated around Geographe Bay.

Meelup Beach and bluffA view of a portion of Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay is also known as Lamb Chop Bay due to its shape. On our way there we drove through the beautiful forested grounds of the Anglican Independent School or its formal name, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. It is co-ed for both primary and secondary students situated in large beautifully forested grounds which is especially wonderful for the boarders during weekends.

Our first stop was the beach area of Busselton which had a 1.8km long jetty along which one can walk for $4/day. A number of young people enjoy diving off the jetty. There is also a train which takes people to the end of the jetty. The initial portion of the jetty was originally built in 1865 to be part of the port which closed in 1972. The jetty was increased in stages to its current length and only in the last 20 years it was restored and made into a tourist attraction.

Busselton Jetty full lengthFull length of Bussleton Jetty

Busselton Jetty mapMap of the jetty. The Underwater Observatory is shown near the top of the map and the point of the Allies Landing below it.

Beside the jetty was a shop selling small local interest items and included a map of the jetty which gave some very interesting information such as the point where the Allies landed and the position of the Underwater Observatory which visitors can access as well. Next to the shop is the Museum and Interpretative Centre on the left of which the train engine ‘parks’ overnight. Reading up on the history and geography of Busselton was very interesting. There is also a shop within this Centre but the items on sale were more related to the museum information as well as some clothing.

Walking along the pedestrian paved path we saw a children’s playground with a sailing boat replica which the children really seemed to enjoy. Just a short distance from the playground was a building with a small café and ablution facilities. Outside of this building was a plant, unusual to ourselves but common to that area, commonly known as the Dog’s Paw due to the shape of the flowers.

Busselton Playground 2The Children’s Playground

Dogs paw flower at BusseltonDog’s Paw

We returned to the car and drove through the town of Busselton where there were a few interesting buildings and sculptures. There was the St Mary’s Church, the oldest stone church in W Australia having been built in 1844. Not far from there we saw 3 interesting abstract sculptures lined up in front of the public ablution block.

Ent to St Marys ChurchEntrance to St Mary’s Church

Sculptures in BusseltonSculptures in Busselton

Our next stop was in Dunsborough where we saw a large piece of basalt rock standing out of the water not far from the shore. Not far from there was the Cape Natualriste Lighthouse set in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. It was built in 1903 and was undergoing only its 2nd reconstruction and repair since then. All around was thick vegetation and we drove a short way down towards the beach and looking back at the lighthouse it looked quite majestic on the top of the hill.

Dunsborough vegetationThcik vegetation and the large basalt rock in the background

Naturiste lighthouseLighthouse on top of the hill

Meelup Beach was where we stopped to have our lunch under a shady tree. There was a playground nearby and one little girl was determined to try every possible way to come down a ramp except the correct way. She had a few uncomfortable landings but went back for more. We then walked from the car park across a small bridge to a lovely picnic area. There was a staircase down to the beach giving us some lovely views of Geographe Bay.

Carol and Vicky at Meelup BeachCarol and Vicky on the bridge over the stream

Meelup ParkMeelup Park and beach

Meelup streamMeelup Park with stram and beach

On our way home we drove through the town of Yallingup which is a popular tourist place as it is so close to the National Park and Lighthouse. It had been a beautiful day, not only for the places we saw but the weather did us the favour of being perfect.