160 An Ottoman empire era bridge

Over the years, as we have travelled I have realised that there are 3 things which I particularly love to see and they are waterfalls, bridges and steeples.

There are so many different ones of each of these in the countries we have had the privilege and joy to visit and I have become quite fascinated by them.

Let’s start with bridges. These are manmade structures. unlike the waterfalls which are on the rivers many of them span. It is quite amazing how they are designed and built. I have watched a few TV programmes which describe the process and there are times when it is almost unbelievable as to how the bridge is made to span gorges, rivers and other roads.

What is also hard to comprehend is how long many bridges have been standing and one has to try and visualise how much traffic –  human, animal and automotive –  has gone back and forth over them.

I am not going to write too much about the bridges as the pictures are self-explanatory but I will tell you where they are and maybe you will see a pattern emerging in different countries. All of these bridges we have seen on our travels in Africa and abroad. I shall upload the photos and then allow you to appreciate them, or not, as you wish. These are not all we have seen and enjoyed but they give an amazing look at bridges around the world and over the ages – 14th Centrury to 20th Century

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160 An Ottoman empire era bridgeA bridge built by the Ottomans in Bosnia  15th Century 

Rail bridge over the RhineA rail bridge over the Rhine in Berlin

Fuengirola bridge to town 2Modern bridge into Fuengirola, Spain

Koblenz Bridge from 15th century15th Century bridge in Koblenz

bridge to Monastery Santa DomingoBridge to Old Town from the New Town in Malaga

Millau viaduct and mountainMillau Viaduct, Southern France

 Kings Park glass bridgeA glass-sided bridge in King’s Park, Perth