Today I am starting the 30-day blogging challenge and will do everything I can to meet this challenge.

This means producing a new blog every day for 30 consecutive days which can be exciting but also scary so I am asking for lots of support. Many of you know that I actually have 3 websites for which I write different types of blogs and at different times. This first blog will tell you about my three sites and their purposes. It is the Travel site that I shall focus on for The Challenge.

In December 2010 I published a Handbook on what one needs to do when faced with a death, either of a family member or a stranger. It tells one what the law requires us to do – who to call, who reports the death and to whom, the differences between a natural and an unnatural death and when an autopsy is required or may be recommended. My reason for writing this book was because I, at the age of 32, was at my Dad’s bedside when he died and I realised that I had absolutely no idea as to what to do with a dead body. I discovered that it is a very detailed and administrative process about which most of us know nothing or, at least very little. If you want to know more about it go to  It is not an easy subject for blogs so I shan’t be doing any for this Challenge even though I use the site to sell copies of the book in both digital and hard copy.

My second site is called I have always enjoyed analysing, asking questions about meanings of actions and words, wondering why or how something is made or placed in a position. Another passion I have is Social Justice and I write about issues which affect Social Justice, mainly those which affect women and children or the poor and vulnerable. Frequently these themes are mutually inclusive and it can be very difficult to write about them as smeparate issues. Deciding on a topic for a blog for this site can sometimes be very challenging. I have to let it go through my head a few times before putting fingers to the keyboard and it can take anything from 15 minutes to 15 hours to complete. There is a third type of blog which I put on this site as well. These are questions or discussion on my Christian beliefs or interpretations of Biblical concepts. As I have said, the blog site is called vickysideas and is a mixture of ideas which I have at various times. They are also often based on current political or local issues. Again, the blogs I write for this challenge will not be for this site even though they can create great conversation.  If you would like to read them please go to the site itself.

My third site is the latest and the one for which I am truly excited about writing. In the past few years my husband and I have done a lot of travelling and have made many mistakes but also learnt so many useful tips and it is these that I share on this site. It is called and for the Challenge I shall continue from where I left off which is describing our trip to Oberammegau and the after travels in Europe in 2010. With this introduction to my blogging interests I shall post the next blog on 2010 tomorrow.

From here you can go to to see the next Challenge Blog I wrote