My father, uncles and aunts, were involved in World War II and that period of history has always interested me, so I was quite excited to learn that we were to have the opportunity to visit Hitler’s mountain retreat, Kehlseinhaus (Eagles’ Nest).  Having seen documentaries which included this hideaway, I was rather disappointed on seeing the ‘real thing’

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Although attending the Passion Play was the main reason for our trip, we spent another week as a group travelling in Germany and just over the border to Austria. We left our hotel just outside Oberammegau after breakfast and headed towards Salzburg. Interestingly, from this point the whole atmosphere of the trip seemed to take on a new dimension. .

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Once we were finished exploring the Roman Baths, we left Bath taking the M5 to Tewkesbury on an overcast but dry morning but, by the time we were halfway there, it was pouring with rain. (You may think that my memory is fantastic but actually I got this information from the journal I kept at the time. Now I am really glad that I did).

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