We started with a coach tour from Munich to Oberammegau, on to Salzburg and then back through various parts of Bavaria to finish in Koblenz. On the 2nd last day we continued a cruise down the Rhine from Rüdesheim to Koblenz.

Instead of writing all about these few hours of cruising I have ‘written’ the blog in pictures so sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Rhineland.

  2 churches on a hill in the valley2 churches - 1 up on the hill and the other in town

Castle and walls on a hillA castle with old walls around it

Castle with pink wallCastle with a pink wall

LoreleyThe Loreley - a place on the Rhine feared by sailors to cause boats to sink

Cruise boatAnother cruise boat on the Rhine

Church in shape of a boatA church in the shape of a boat with the popular pink walls

Town courthouse

 A town courthouse on the Rhine

town with vineyardsA town and hills of vineyards

Pink PalaceA very large pink building at Rundfahrten


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