Cruising out of Copenhagen

Great excitement! Today we board the ship for our first cruise on this trip - Copenhagen to Boston.

Another couple had booked in to the M18 the night before and we learnt that they too were going on the same cruise as ourselves. We agreed to share a taxi to save having to pay 2 fares. When we saw how much luggage they had we were very glad to see that the taxi was a mini-bus or there would never have been enough space.

While we were sitting at the table in the front room of the hotel, Izabel, the Manager, arrived with 2 others. A lady who would clean the rooms being vacated and a gentleman who would do the laundry. The lady was extremely quick and within an hour the room was cleaned with beds made and ready for a new guest. In no less than half an hour a new couple arrived and they went straight into what had been our room.

Izabel offered to arrange a taxi for us to arrive at noon as we had to check in on the ship between 12:00 and 17:00. She came back and said that all was in hand and that it would cost a total of 220 Euros for the 4 of us i.e. 110 Euros per couple. The gentleman of the other couple went out to draw money. After a long wait in the hotel, passing the time by talking around the table, the taxi finally arrived and we all piled in.

When we arrived at the harbour things got very heated as the driver told us that the fare was 350 Euros! The other gentleman and Trevor tried everything to get him to go with the price Izabel had given us but he was not budging. He even got the owner of the company on the phone who said that the driver was independent of the company and he set the fare. He would hire the taxi for a trip. Our American friend was really angry as he had drawn just 110 Euros since he had no need for any more. The driver refused to split the bill and so eventually Trevor paid by card and accepted the 110 Euros.

Thereafter things ran smoothly as we checked in and boarded the ship. Our cabin, sorry State Room, was ready for us but our luggage was due to be delivered by 7pm which it was. We had an opportunity to freshen up and then had to be on Deck 3 verandah where the Assembly Points were in case of emergency. This was a compulsory drill and information opportunity and if anyone did not attend they would not be allowed to stay on board.

We had enough time to stand on the deck and see Copenhagen for the last time as we sailed out of the harbour at 17:00. I thought that I could add a few more photos of Copenhagen for you to enjoy.

Cruise ships in harbour

 2 other cruise ships in Copenhagen Harbour

Navigation House

Navigation House 

Fountain in park

A fountain in Central Copenhagen

Typical Copenhagen homes

Typical design of amny Copenhagen homes. HC Andersen lived in both the brown and yellow houses

Former garages for rescue boats during the war

These now very expensive homes were once garages for war-time rescue boats

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