Harnas Wildlife Foundation Namibia

One of the being abused best days we had while in Gobabis the 2nd time we were there was a visit to Harnas Wildlife Foundation.

This sanctuary had been developed by Tannie Marietjie van Der Merwe who bought a baby baboon from people selling it on side of road. She saved it and decided to help animals by setting up a sanctuary. Over the years it grew and now has a large number of animals being rehabilitated. Her daughter and husband, who used to work with her, now run Naankuse, also a sanctuary, in Windhoek.

It was a most interesting day as we saw a large variety of animals and were informed about their habits and, for some, their sad history. When they are ready they are released into the wild. Instead of writing much more I shall share photos taken by our daughter, Lyn Gilbert.

7A Caracul jumps to catch its meal

5A mother Baboon with her baby

6Lionesses waiting for their lunch10A beautiful picture of a caracul 12A Cheetah in a tree

16These Cheetah just want their lunch

DSC 0121Good catch

DSC 0025A tree full of Baboons

DSC 0061This is mine!

DSC 0082A Wild Dog anticipates Lundh


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