Step 3 in preparing for our trip

Preparation 3

The past couple of weeks have been spent reading the Terms & Conditions particularly with regard to cancellation after payment of the deposit. It appeared to me that the 50% deposit is completely non-refundable. I asked Bjarni to confirm my understanding which he did, giving the reason that the hotel, train and cruise bookings are non-refundable to their company, Nordic Visitor. Now we need to think carefully about exactly when to pay the deposit. At present the Euro is weak giving us more Rands for each Euro. It has gone down from a little over R14/Euro to R12.77/Euro. Will it weaken any further? No one can answer that with conviction. If we pay well in advance, will something happen and we lose a lot of money? Might have to take a risk to ensure a booking.

Interestingly, Bjarni also mentioned that this is not a guided or group tour. What happens is that Nordic Visitor make all the bookings and send us the paperwork and we are on our own to follow the trip. Actually, this is quite a nice idea. We know that we have bookings but we are not bound by time or activity constraints as happens on a guided tour. Before making any payment though, I shall confirm item by item as to what they book so there is absolute clarity.

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