It was a real treat to know that we could unpack our bags and be settled for more than 2 days. We had done and seen so much in the past 3 weeks that we determined to have a much slower week. We were at Club la Costa, ‘The Club on the Coast’ and the Coast is known as Costa del Sol, the ‘Coast of the Sun’.

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And so we had one more day in Barcelona and to ensure we saw as much as possible we had decided to use the hop-on/hop-off bus system. Almost every city in Europe, including the UK, has these buses and it is a very good way to see and learn about the city. We have used these buses in many cities and really enjoy this method of sight-seeing. In most cities your bus ticket includes a cruise on the river. There is also a tour guide on the boat who tells you about the buildings and areas you are passing.

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After another limited Continental breakfast we booked out of the hotel in Lyon. Just as we started down the street, one of the ladies called us back as they had a gift for us. Her partner appeared a moment later with 2 spectacles cleaning cloths with the hotel name on them. It was the first time that we have ever been offered a gift from an hotel owner. Yes, there are often freebies in the room or sweets at the front desk but to be called back to receive a gift to thank you for staying here was quite surprising and appreciated.

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Cologne Cathedral front entrance 2We enjoyed Cologne. It is a city with so many really beautiful buildings and a lovely promenade along the bank of the Rhine River. What was also good for us was that our hotel was less than 1km from the square where the station, the Altestad and Cathedral are to be found.



This is the square where the New Year celebrations take place. The station is tothe left and a Lutheran Church is on th eopposite side to the Cathedral. Our hotel was one block up to the right so just a short walk.


The 2nd photo below shows pleasure boats on the Rhine. We took a ride in one of these and admired the 7 bridges over the Rhine in Cologne


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On leaving the train yesterday evening we once again got a strong icy blast as we had in Hamburg. The Arctic wind seeemed to have followed us. What we were pleased to discover as we left the station was that the Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral SanctuaryCologne Cathedral Sanctuaryis on the same square so we had only to find the Altestadt or Old City.

It was well sign posted so we found it along the banks of he Rhine just behind the Cathedral.Cologne Cathedral side view 2Cologne Cathedral on the square

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