On arrival in Zagreb, we had about 3 hours before dinner so went for a walk around the area near our hotel.

We were upgraded again in this hotel as they had booked us into a room with a double bed on the 7th floor. The only twin room was on the 5th floor and when we entered the lift we saw that, written next to the button for the 5th floor was, “Distinguished guests”. We felt pretty good and have to admit that this was one of the best hotels we stayed in.

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After just 1 night in Split we were once again on our way; our destination for today - the Plitvice Lakes. We made an early start in lovely weather as we had a few stops on the way one of which was the ancient city of Trogir. It is situated on one of the many islands off the Croatian coast about 20kms north of Split, has an urban history of over 2300 years and is very well maintained. While walking around Trogir many of us agreed that it would have been a much better place to have spent the previous night giving us more time to explore. We made the most of the hour we had enjoying the narrow streets and the beauty of the wharf at the end of which was one of the original watch towers from the 12th Century.UNESCO sign above a door in TrigorUNESCO sign above a door in TrigorA new door in an old buildingA modern door fitted into an old buildingUpgraded and not upgraded sign Jesus MariaThe very old at the back and the not so old garage doors with writing "Jesus and Mary"

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Today we travel 230kms (142m) from Dubrovnik to Split, approximately halfway up the Dalmatian Coast, one of the 4 historical regions of Croatia. Split is the 2nd largest city in Croatia with a population of just over 200 000. For those of us from Durban, Chicago and London this is a very small city but, if it was any bigger, it would stretch from the coast to the inland border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. As, I am sure most of you know, Croatia is a long and narrow country with a coast line along the azure blue Adriatic Sea.

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