The flowers in full bloom

When we left home in September 2001 it was the natural annual phenomenon of the flowers in the Kalahari Desert on the West Coast of South Africa. That area of the country receives its annual rains, when they fall, in Winter, June - July. The seeds which have been underground during the dry season immediately start germinating and by August and September they have grown to full size and the flowers come into bloom. If it has been a year of good rainfall, the flowers come up in abundance.

Fortunately for us the rains of 2001 had been particularly good and as we drove over the Van Rhyn's Pass flowers of every shape, colour and size greeted us in field after field. As we drove on toward Langebaan we stopeed in Clanwilliam and visited the flower garden where e could have spent hours. It was one of the most exquisite sights I have ever seen. It is impossible to describe in words so I have created a slide show of just a minute idea of what can be seen. Hopefully it will give you a taste of what beauty a desert in Southern Africa can produce and maybe even entice you to visit.

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